Welcome to Blue Frog

A trip to today’s American culinary universe for thrill-seeking, Made in the USA cooking fans

We have prepared more than 50 internationally-inspired recipes for you. You can enjoy delicious, original dishes, such as our spectacular guacamole with strawberries, fresh salads with tuna sashimi or with pulled pork and kale, or our awesome Pork Ribs, meat that is so tender that it falls off the bone at just a glance; burgers with gruyere cheese, truffle sauce and fried egg, on homemade buns; thin, crispy flatbreads or the traditional Mac N’ Cheese, served with bacon and melted cheese. And, to round off your meal, Peanut Butter Cookies, Carrot Cake, Baked Apple pie… or our Superb Milkshakes, a whole host of sweet moments you’ll always want to leave room for!  You can also enjoy our tempting drinks menu.

We want to be your meeting point where you share special occasions with your nearest and dearest. And where you enjoy unique, exciting experiences on each and every one of your visits. 
We believe that a restaurant should be much more than just a table- and chair-filled room but it can have diverse spaces where different things are going on: a bar area, where you can grab a snack or have a drink in a pleasant atmosphere; a private room for celebrating special occasions; an appealing terrace; a dining area, a space where you can have lunch or dinner with your family and children and a snacking area, the perfect place for enjoying an appetiser or a drink with friends.

Because even though all frogs have green thoughts, only one has fun in blue!