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You do not know how much you like American food until you really taste it!


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Take a trip to today’s American culinary universe through more than 50 internationally-inspired recipes for thrill-seeking, Made in the USA cooking fans. How about checking out our dishes?

Platos destacados


  • VANILLA SKY. Vanilla milkshake with cream, chocolate syrup and mini cookies.
  • THE PEANUTS. Peanut milkshake with cream, Bourbon caramel syrup and caramelized peanuts.
  • YOUR OWN WAY. Make your own smoothie with any of our ice cream flavors.


Sautéed shiitake mushrooms, prawns, soybean rice, cherry tomatoes, caramelized pineapple and toasted sesame seeds on mixed lettuces dressed with our soy and mayonnaise dressing.


A tender and tasty burger accompanied by taleggio cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, arugula and jalapeño sauce on our craft bread.

Blue frog

Welcome to authentic American food

Because you won’t know just how much you like Made in the USA food until you really try it