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You do not know how much you like American food until you really taste it!


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Take a trip to today’s American culinary universe through more than 50 internationally-inspired recipes for thrill-seeking, Made in the USA cooking fans. How about checking out our dishes?

Platos destacados


We dress our pork ribs with a mixture of spices and cook them at a low temperature with our homemade BBQ sauce, they have their own special spot on the grill, and we serve with corncob and roast potato or potato wedges.

  • Whole rack of ribs
  • Half rack of ribs


  • VANILLA SKY. Vanilla milkshake with cream, chocolate syrup and mini cookies.
  • THE PEANUTS. Peanut milkshake with cream, Bourbon caramel syrup and caramelized peanuts.
  • YOUR OWN WAY. Make your own smoothie with any of our ice cream flavors.


Queso provolone fundido con bacon, tomates cherry, cebollino y rúcula.


Blue frog

Welcome to authentic American food

Because you won’t know just how much you like Made in the USA food until you really try it